Beyond The Moon
Don Vannoy
Harry Rinacke ?-2007
Dave Britton 1961-2007
Mark Rape 1969-2008
Tim Wilson ?-2008
Delbert Fields 1963-2013

Beyond The Moon  


Don Vannoy, Harry Rinacke, Dave Britton, Mark Rape, Tim Wilson, and Delbert Fields will always remain valued elements of Full Moon.

God damn it Dave. I figured I'd get there first. John Stevenson

It will not be the same not seeing Dave's face and hearing him telling Paul what he thinks. He was a great friend and person!! I will miss him dearly!!!  Michelle Schelp

We will miss you so much Dave!! Thanks for making Full Moon, Cornstock, and our lives so special.  Brenda West

FULL MOON will never be the same without Dave. What a great friend!! He will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Mari

My heart goes out to you all! I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and if you need anything please let me know. You all helped out when we were in so much pain over my son n law Josh and I just want you to know that I am here for you.  Tanya Bush

Dave we'll miss you.  Dont party too hard with out us dude.  Love you always.  Brenda Key

Dave, some people just have a way of making everyone they meet feel better. Thanks. I miss ya.  Andrew Heimsoth

For the first time in my life I am at a loss for words. Simply put...we bitched at each other countless times, but I always knew he was my friend. I love you Man! I will never forget my last gig with you.  Mark Rape

Friend, Thank you.  Paul Wilbern

We will miss you Dave, It will not be the same with out you.  Diane Connor

My Thoughts & Prayers go out to all of Dave's family & to each of you his friends who knew him best~He has obviously touched many lives & what's more obvious is he's truly missed already....Peace out Dave.  Stacey Taylor

Dave, We will all miss you! I wish I had your strength and courage, through all your triumphs and pain you have been a beacon of hope and love. We have been blessed in so many ways because of you. My prayers are with you and your family.  Chanisty Rape

Dave, you were like a father to me, and I will never forget you. You have been through so much, but now at least there will be no pain, and you can look over your crazy ass son. Be at peace.  Elizabeth

Dave, You will be greatly missed by all of us. You are a wonderful person most of all I will miss your smile. Rest in peace Love, Corinna Key

To Dave, although I didnt get to know you better .. sigh~ I'll always wish I would have .. So I say to you .. I visited my daddy yesterday .. and felt your energy too .. I told him about you.  Penelope Martin

I want to thank all of you for your love and support.....I know how much fun David had with you because he always talked about you guys. I'm so glad that he had friends like you. I will miss my baby brother very much.....His passing leaves a huge hole in my...  Carolyn Greene

Thank you for all your support and love through this difficult time.  My Dad was a great man and he got along with damn near everyone.  If he didn't like you, you were the first to know.  I can't tell you how much your support means to the family, so I hope a...Tabitha Britton

I want to thank everybody for their support to David and his children during this rough time in their lives.   Tabitha and Jonathan need everybody's prayers.  Both children were the focus of David's life.  He will be missed very very much by all of us.  I want everybody to know how much Paul and his wife have comforted and supported David and his 2 children through this rough time.  He has been a big part of the children getting through this.  Thanks Paul, for all you have done.  Teresa Britton

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